Edenia Partners with Game X Change for WAX Integration

Enabling Gamers to Convert NFTs Across Multiple Blockchains

EOS Costa Rica
2 min readOct 13, 2021

About the Announcement

Edenia, also known as EOS Costa Rica, is happy to announce our collaboration with the team of Game X Change (formerly known as Tap Project) to integrate their platform into the WAX blockchain. Game X Change is a gaming exchange where gamers can move assets (NFT’s) and in-game currency across the gaming ecosystem. Edenia confirms its capability to deploy the latest stack and add new features to the gaming blockchain sector with this partnership.

Edenia, the parent company of EOS Costa Rica — a brand widely recognized in the EOS community — has been developing enterprise-focused and open-source projects over the past years using 4.0 technologies. The team has witnessed the benefits of enabling cross-blockchain implementations to achieve higher diffusion and serve an increasing demand of blockchain users worldwide. This project, in particular, marks a milestone for the team in integrating a project on the WAX blockchain. Learn more about projects Edenia has engaged with in the past.

“With this partnership, Edenia shows its adaptability to work on different blockchains. It also proves our commitment to push exciting technologies like EOSIO forward into new sectors such as the gaming industry,” said Edgar Fernández, a co-founder of EOS Costa Rica. “Collaborating with the Game X Change team has been immensely rewarding and an opportunity to build bridges between blockchains.”

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Edenia has operated since 1987 and in 2018 launched EOS Costa Rica to focus on EOSIO blockchain development. Our team builds blockchain-based solutions with great attention to detail in creating user-centered dapps for enterprise use. We also provide resources to the EOSIO infrastructure, promote the local EOSIO ecosystem, and provide learning resources and workshops about EOSIO.

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