EOSTARTER and EOS COSTA RICA Sign Partnership Agreement to Bring a Token Sale Platform on EOS

EOSTARTER and EOS Costa Rica, the arm of Edenia focused on developing on the EOS Mainnet, announce that both companies have entered a strategic agreement to develop a Token Sale Platform as the core technology to drive EOSTARTER’s Token Launchpad on EOS. The Token Sale Smart Contract enables projects to crowdsource through a token sale, configuring different parameters like whitelisting requirements and token vesting.

The teams of EOSTARTER and EOS Costa Rica have started working on the Platform Application and the Platform’s smart contract open-source GitHub repositories. The Token Sale Platform offers a suite of services for investors and project owners seeking funding. Project owners will set up a token sale pool, configure the parameters, and launch a public token sale. Upon EOSTARTER’s approval, the token sale will begin on the established sale date and vest accordingly for investors and project owners.

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Edenia has operated since 1987 and in 2018 launched EOS Costa Rica — an independently-owned, self-funded, bare-metal genesis block producer that provides a stable and secure infrastructure for EOSIO blockchains. We support open-source software for our community while offering enterprise blockchain development and custom smart contract development for our clients.

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EOS Costa Rica

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