gGoods Won Second Place in EOSIO Hackathon

Today was announced that our team won second place on the “Beyond Blockchain” Hackathon, organized by, Google Cloud, Galaxy Interactive, and Mythical Games. Our project was selected among 1,315 participants from 107 countries.

For this year’s challenge, we created gGoods, an NFT standard to help non-profits create tokens for crowdfunding. We plan to continue developing it, hoping to impact goodwill causes worldwide through the power of EOSIO blockchain technology.

Last year around this day, we won first place with our open-source platform to incentivize blood donations, Lifebank, and we’re still working hard to welcome the first blood bank user into the platform. We hope to share more details soon.

In the meantime, please share your feedback about gGoods and help us improve the platform during these initial stages. Go to the GitHub profile:

Thanks again to the judging panel for awarding our project, and congratulations to all the incredible submissions for their hard work! We’re committed to the growth of the EOSIO blockchain ecosystem and continuously strive to bring innovative solutions to real-world problems.

EOS Costa Rica operates since 2018. Our team develops blockchain-based solutions with great attention to detail in creating user-centered dapps for enterprise use.



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