What LACChain EOSIO, the New EOSIO Network, Will Represent for Latin America

Today, the first testnet and website launch of LACChain EOSIO, was announced, a significant step in the process of creating a regional EOSIO mainnet and the second multi-purpose public-permissioned network of LACChain. LACChain EOSIO is the result of a partnership with EOS Argentina and LACChain, an initiative led by IDB Lab (Innovation Laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank Group), to work on an EOSIO-powered blockchain network in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our teams have been working on this open-source initiative to provide a fully functional network that will allow organizations and developers to test and build decentralized apps and infrastructure deploying the EOSIO blockchain protocol. The website offers access to a block explorer, network dashboard, and documentation to learn about LACChain EOSIO. LACChain EOSIO is “just the beginning of new EOSIO blockchain projects to come,” according to Xavier Fernández, Tech Lead of EOS Costa Rica.

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EOS Costa Rica operates since 2018. Our team develops blockchain-based solutions with great attention to detail in creating user-centered dapps for enterprise use. We also provide resources to the EOSIO infrastructure and promote the local EOSIO ecosystem. Let’s talk about how you can implement this technology into your organization.

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