You Should Participate in an Open-Source Project

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What Is Open-Source?

Participating in an open-source project may bring you several perks, and it won’t necessarily mean immediate compensation. An open-source project is built by the community and for the community, so there is implicit agreement to use the source code, design documents, and original content of the product freely.

People from many backgrounds can participate in open-source projects, including software devs, UX and visual designers, communications professionals, among others. There are countless reasons why people choose to cooperate in an open-source project, and those include:

  1. I want to support a project in which I believe: For some, supporting what they think is the right cause may be enough to get involved in an open-source project. The motivations behind this may be altruistic or simply because they want to give back to a community that supported them in the past.

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