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EOS Block Producer candidate in the heart of the Americas. We stand for liberty and equality. Mainnet BP: costaricaeos ·

Our analysis on the EOS SX vault attack in May 2021.

We are investigating an attack on the vault. The majority of the EOS and USDT in the vault have been stolen.❗️SX Vault attackDO NOT DEPOSIT in vaultWe will update EOSX so as to stop people from depositing further ASAP.We'll provide a complete-post mortem as soon as we complete our investigation.

Be the digital transformation leader in your company

Why Use Blockchain Technology?

The challenge was hosted by, Google Cloud, Galaxy Interactive, and Mythical Games.

Despite their popularity for games and art collectors, NFTs can change how we understand business.

Desarrollando infraestructura con los integradores locales de EOSIO, LatamLink

How blockchain technology is leveling up the gaming sector.

Intro to the Gaming Industry

Some new projects, events, and lessons learned!

New Projects

  1. LatamLink: We co-founded this initiative at the start of the year along with EOS Argentina and EOS Venezuela.

And Make Your Vote Count!

1. A Long History in Emerging Technologies

Beta Test: The EOS Blockchain Community Taking Control of the Mainnet

What is Blockchain?

EOS Costa Rica

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