EOS Block Producer candidate in the heart of the Americas. We stand for liberty and equality. Mainnet BP: costaricaeos · https://t.me/eoscr

We’ve documented our experience improving RAM consumption in the open-source dApp EOS Rate that utilizes EOSIO blockchain technology on the EOS mainnet.

Before the Update

We recently enabled Eden members to submit ratings on EOS Rate to make the dapp more collaborative and trustworthy for the Eden community. EOS Rate is an open-source project where EOS and Eden token holders can rate block producers in these blockchains based on five categories: community, development, infrastructure, transparency…

Bringing Transparency and Accountability to EOSIO Blockchain Networks.

Today, EOS Costa Rica announced the release of EOSIO Dashboard, an open-source platform that enables users to visualize relevant data of blockchain networks deploying EOSIO technology. EOSIO Dashboard offers connectivity to several leading EOSIO-powered blockchain networks: LACChain EOSIO, Proton Mainnet, Telos Mainnet, Wax Mainnet, Jungle Testnet, and the EOS Mainnet.

Be the digital transformation leader in your company

Why Use Blockchain Technology?

It’s very likely that you already know what blockchain technology is, but it’s hard for you to explain it to your coworkers. Even so, you might be trying to convince your team to consider changing your registries from a centralized database to a decentralized blockchain network. …

The challenge was hosted by block.one, Google Cloud, Galaxy Interactive, and Mythical Games.

Today was announced that our team won second place on the “Beyond Blockchain” Hackathon, organized by block.one, Google Cloud, Galaxy Interactive, and Mythical Games. Our project was selected among 1,315 participants from 107 countries.

For this year’s challenge, we created gGoods, an NFT standard to help non-profits create tokens…

EOS Costa Rica

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